Family on the Fourth

Every 4th of July I get the pleasure of visiting with family I only get to see that time of year, and for the past 2 years I have gotten to spend a couple hours with Rachel and my camera.  This girl is so photogenic and I believe she can read my mind as to what I am wanting her to do.  I had so much fun with her (even though it was so so so hot this year) and I managed to get some awesome shots!  I am in awe of her.  She sings, plays guitar (among other instruments), she is super artistic and just a sweet girl.  This year I had kind of a theme I wanted to go with for the photos and asked her to bring her guitar and some hippy type clothes and she knew just what I wanted.  I am no where near done going through the images and editing them but I couldn’t wait to post these.  If I could I would post every one of them but that might be overkill 🙂

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