Its been a while

Well here it is December and I haven’t bloggity blogged since July ish… So much for that New Years resolution to blog more.  Oh well maybe next year will be a better blog year.  I just might have to take a bit of time this winter and get caught up on blogging.  Any way with Christmas coming I wanted to take a moment and share this photo with you all.  It  was a hit on my Facebook page so maybe it will be a hit elsewhere too 🙂 I hope you get a giggle out of this picture, I know I sure did.  The holidays tend to make a lot of people feel just like this 🙂 This is the second time I have gotten to photo this adorable little girl  and the second time for her handsome older brother.  The family is beyond sweet and so caring.  I look forward to watching these kids grow up 🙂

Hudson and Audrey 031


Hudson and Audrey 099