New Adventures

So here is what is up for this post. New Adventures for my daughter and new adventures for my business. Avery is no longer being a competitive gymnast after 4 years of competing and 7.5 years of being in gymnastics. Her new adventure is the cello,so of course we had to document this time in her life with some photos….


Which brings us to my new adventure in photography. Fine art styled shoots. I haven’t worked out 100% of the details yet but can’t wait to do them so I did Avery’s cello photos in the style I plan to go. She has always been my muse after all 🙂


I hope you enjoy these and I hope to book more soon!  Once again long time, no blog… I can’t even apologize for not posting because I am sure it will keep happening if the last 5 years have shown me anything. So thank you to those that actually come and read my random posts it means more than you know! don’t forget to check out and like my  Facebook page and my website



Y’all its been too long since I blogged and I really have no excuse except that I suck with words and can’t make my entries come across as I want them too so I avoid doing it.  Maybe if I follow the advice I give my kiddos, practice makes perfect, I would have a better outcome with my blogging.  Anyway, on to what I wanted to blog about…..

My daughter, that’s her right down there…. (in my new favorite photography thing… milk baths, so dreamy and pretty) IMG_0099She has the sweetest heart ever and never wants to hurt anyone (well maybe her brother but that’s what siblings do).  She gets so excited over the smallest things and is always thanking me.  One time she told me I made the best gluten free (more on that in a bit) turkey sandwiches in the world!  One would think hearing things like that would make me feel good but here lately it isn’t.  It is making me wish I could do more, give more and be more.  When you have kids no one ever talks about mommy guilt.  Let me tell  you, it is real and it is painful!

On to the GF lifestyle… This girl went 9 years (yup pretty much from the beginning we struggled) with eating and stomach problems.  For the last 3 of those years she complained of headaches every. single. day. Those headaches eventually turned into migraines 2 to 3 times a month nothing would help.  She would lay down, bury her face to hide light and put ice on her head and then face the day the next morning.  We were getting to the point of putting her on migraine meds and I really didn’t want to do that because of all the side effects.  In November she had constant stomach pain and headaches and mouth sores, we tried only drinking water(no juice or lemonade), taking meds and adding acid reflux medicine back in (for the gazillionth time) and she never got relief.  I talked to my go to oil and all things natural and healthy lady and we discussed what she was eating and what her symptoms were and what meds she was taking.  She told me she was sure it was Gluten causing all her symptoms and told me to give it 3 full weeks of being gluten free, take probiotics and digestive enzymes and see how she did.  That night I fixed a gluten free meal (so hard at first to figure it all out but now it comes naturally) and it was the first time in a long, long, long, time that she finished her plate and asked for more. By the third day being strictly GF she had energy, her stomach was better and no headache…. NO HEADACHE!!! The child complained of headaches every day for years and now none! We were sold, but if that wasn’t enough to sell us on the GF lifestyle then the fact that she got cross contamination (unknown until it happened) and was so so sick she was begging for the doctor.  My girl hasn’t had one single migraine since we went gluten free.  She has been a trooper and only pouts when it comes to sweets she can’t have that others can so we just plan ahead and bring treats for her when we go to parties and such.

Anyway, this post didn’t start out as a gluten free post it started as a mommy guilt post.  Knowing that we went almost her whole life without finding what was causing all the troubles… Mommy guilt.  Not being able to take the kids on a beach vacation…. Mommy guilt.  Not being able to give them all the nifty new gadgets… Mommy guilt.  Not being able to go and do something fun every day during summer break… you guessed it, Mommy guilt.  I am spending lots of time in prayer that my guilt lessens so I can enjoy this time with them, because I know they are fed, clothed, taken care of and most importantly happy and healthy kiddos.  I got them a small 2 foot deep pool and you would think we put a large pool in the yard, they have spent the 2 days we have had it splashing, playing, giggling and the best part is they are getting along!! Isn’t that every mothers wish for summer break??




Tatum turns 1!

I love my Watch Me Grow babies!! I love that I get to watch them grow and develop from a tiny wrinkly newborn to a giggling toddler.  It is bitter sweet for me however.  I get to see them every 3 months for the first year of their lives then they turn one (YAY!!) and they aren’t coming to see me as often and I miss them (BOO)

A little over a year ago Tatum’s awesome parents contacted me to photo their tiny human and it made my year. At his last session for his 1 year photos they made my year again by telling me they want me to continue to photograph him every 3 or 4 months 🙂 I seriously got teary eyed. I love this little family and I hope I get to document their lives as their family continues to grow.

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2013-11-04_0017 2013-11-04_0018

April 24,2013

April 24, 2013 is the last time I blogged and that was just a catch up blog. Every year I tell myself I am going to be a better blogger, I will blog each week. And every year I don’t *blogger fail*

I wish I was good with words, I am not. I wish I was “quippy” (you know snappy come backs and jokes off the top of my head) but I am not that either. What I am is shy, introverted (I work on that on a regular basis, after all being a business owner if I don’t put myself out there I won’t have a business) quiet and a thinker. If I am photographing you and I am not talking much its not because I don’t feel the session is going well its because I go in this photo mode and my mind is constantly thinking about lighting, angles, poses, that one blade of grass that needs to be moved…. you get the idea.  I sink into what I am doing and I choose to believe it is a good thing it just shows that this is my passion and my heart and I put all of that into each session.

On to a personal note… My baby (okay not literally baby but she is my youngest so she will always be my baby) turned 7 recently. I spur of the moment decided I needed to take photos, it had been cloudy and dreary and warm all day then the sun came out briefly so I grabbed her put her in a cute outfit, grabbed my awesome new to me chair and headed to a field. While taking these photos I came to the harsh realization that she isn’t a baby any more. She is growing into the most awesome girl ever. She loves church and gymnastics (recently moved to the competitive team) she is a little book worm just like her momma, she is giving, caring, cute and sassy, she has the most hilarious personality (I bet she grows up to be “quippy”). She is more than I had hoped my daughter would be and she is only 7.


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Lovely baby bump

Last week I had the privilege of photographing a wonderful mom and her 4 boys, I also snapped a few of her niece while I was there 🙂  It was a long hot day that involved lots of mud and bugs, tons of laughs and a mid session break to shower off all the mud.

With each of my pregnancies I always wanted the cute baby belly and to “glow”  instead I got the puffy face, massive swelling in hands and feet and my baby belly was NOT cute lol.  This Momma to be is absolutely beautiful and she is finally going to have a little girl in a few weeks and I can’t wait to  meet her!  With 4 older brothers no body better mess with her 🙂 I had a hard time deciding which photos to put on here since there were well over 100 of them to chose from.  Be sure to check the others out on my web site 🙂  Don’t forget to head over to facebook and “like” my page.

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Okay so my referral contest is apparently not allowed to be hosted on facebook (there are all kinds of rules and regulations that are confusing as heck) and has to be hosted through a different page.  So here is the deal Lucille….

The purpose of this contest is to grow my potential client base so to be fair I will be checking to see if said person actually “liked” my page before the referral counts (those who have already liked and posted on the page will count towards your referral)  Have your friends and family like my FACEBOOK page  (<<<<<click that handy link over there)  and then post a comment on this blog or on the FACEBOOK  page  that you sent them.   At the end of the month who ever referred the most people will get a free session.  That session includes up to an hour of photo time either in the Mt. Carmel Il or Paducah Ky areas that is a $75.00 value!!!

So get to sharing this post so your friends and family can like my page and comment here and you can win a session 🙂

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Crazy iphoneography weather

Ok here comes another iphonography post.  This winter has been crazy, the most snow we got was a dusting, we had I think a total of 2 days that were so cold it was unbearable, and we have spring flowers blooming here.  Now normally I see the greenery starting to come up but to actually have blooms is crazy *insert shocked face here* so I slugged through the squishy rain soaked yard to get some photos.  I swear my neighbors have to think I am nuts crawling around the yard with my iphone..  Of course since we lived here for 2 1/2 years I am sure they see me doing all kinds of weird things 🙂

So any way, take a look at my iphoneography here and let me know what ya think 🙂

Twice in one week???? No WAY!!!!

I have recently taken up couponing.  In doing this I have discovered that it is something I totally love.  I mean who wouldn’t want to get a package of dental floss for .29, tooth brushes for .15 or tooth paste for free?? Yes I said free!!!  I have amassed a “stock pile” consisting of laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, razors, shave gel, hand soap, shower gel, deodorant, dish soap and various other objects.  Here are a few of my recent excursions.

This one is a total value of $62.00 I paid $22.00 for.  (have I mentioned I LOVE coupons)  This one is a total value of $68.00 I paid $32.00 for.  

This haul is a value of $82.  That cost me $24.00!!! what a deal!!This one is roughly $125.00 That cost me a total of less than $50.00!!! I have gone several other times but didn’t take photos of them.  I get my coupons from several sources but the main one is the Louisville Sunday paper.  Our local paper doesn’t have coupons very often and when they do its not worth the cost of the paper.  Any way I am not an extreme couponer by any means but with a little work and research I have managed to save $208.00 and that makes me feel fantastic because lets face it, in this day in age wouldn’t benefit from saving a few bucks 🙂

I am trying, I really really am.

So last week I made the “resolution” to blog weekly because I knew daily wasn’t going to happen.  Here it is week 2 and I am having a hard time even doing weekly…. Don’t get me wrong, I have so many thoughts in my head and some of them are even pretty cool, if I do say so myself.  It is just hard for me get them out sounding as cool as they do in my head.

I will start with this thought.  Today I was trying to get all this boring office stuff done like data entry, typing up 2012 price lists, updating my portfolio galleries on my site, and finishing editing a session and I was totally distracted with the pretty sky.  So I said to myself “self, why don’t you take a pic with that fancy iphone camera you got there?” So I did and this is what I got….

Then I went out to get the mail and got distracted by these little red berries on this bush by the mail box.  So i said to myself “self, why not take a pic with that fancy iphone camera you got there” so I did and this is what I got..

Then when i got home from picking my daughter up from school I was hanging her bird feeder she made in school in the tree in the front yard and I got distracted by the buds in the trees, yes I said buds in the trees in JANUARY!!! I said to myself  “self, why don’t you take a pic of that with that there fancy iphone camera you got and your little macro lens you got for it?”  so I did and this is what I got…

So needless to say I have discovered iphoneography and am addicted.  I imagine there will be more blog posts to come featuring my photos from my iphone 🙂  I hope every one has a great rest of the week!!!