Y’all its been too long since I blogged and I really have no excuse except that I suck with words and can’t make my entries come across as I want them too so I avoid doing it.  Maybe if I follow the advice I give my kiddos, practice makes perfect, I would have a better outcome with my blogging.  Anyway, on to what I wanted to blog about…..

My daughter, that’s her right down there…. (in my new favorite photography thing… milk baths, so dreamy and pretty) IMG_0099She has the sweetest heart ever and never wants to hurt anyone (well maybe her brother but that’s what siblings do).  She gets so excited over the smallest things and is always thanking me.  One time she told me I made the best gluten free (more on that in a bit) turkey sandwiches in the world!  One would think hearing things like that would make me feel good but here lately it isn’t.  It is making me wish I could do more, give more and be more.  When you have kids no one ever talks about mommy guilt.  Let me tell  you, it is real and it is painful!

On to the GF lifestyle… This girl went 9 years (yup pretty much from the beginning we struggled) with eating and stomach problems.  For the last 3 of those years she complained of headaches every. single. day. Those headaches eventually turned into migraines 2 to 3 times a month nothing would help.  She would lay down, bury her face to hide light and put ice on her head and then face the day the next morning.  We were getting to the point of putting her on migraine meds and I really didn’t want to do that because of all the side effects.  In November she had constant stomach pain and headaches and mouth sores, we tried only drinking water(no juice or lemonade), taking meds and adding acid reflux medicine back in (for the gazillionth time) and she never got relief.  I talked to my go to oil and all things natural and healthy lady and we discussed what she was eating and what her symptoms were and what meds she was taking.  She told me she was sure it was Gluten causing all her symptoms and told me to give it 3 full weeks of being gluten free, take probiotics and digestive enzymes and see how she did.  That night I fixed a gluten free meal (so hard at first to figure it all out but now it comes naturally) and it was the first time in a long, long, long, time that she finished her plate and asked for more. By the third day being strictly GF she had energy, her stomach was better and no headache…. NO HEADACHE!!! The child complained of headaches every day for years and now none! We were sold, but if that wasn’t enough to sell us on the GF lifestyle then the fact that she got cross contamination (unknown until it happened) and was so so sick she was begging for the doctor.  My girl hasn’t had one single migraine since we went gluten free.  She has been a trooper and only pouts when it comes to sweets she can’t have that others can so we just plan ahead and bring treats for her when we go to parties and such.

Anyway, this post didn’t start out as a gluten free post it started as a mommy guilt post.  Knowing that we went almost her whole life without finding what was causing all the troubles… Mommy guilt.  Not being able to take the kids on a beach vacation…. Mommy guilt.  Not being able to give them all the nifty new gadgets… Mommy guilt.  Not being able to go and do something fun every day during summer break… you guessed it, Mommy guilt.  I am spending lots of time in prayer that my guilt lessens so I can enjoy this time with them, because I know they are fed, clothed, taken care of and most importantly happy and healthy kiddos.  I got them a small 2 foot deep pool and you would think we put a large pool in the yard, they have spent the 2 days we have had it splashing, playing, giggling and the best part is they are getting along!! Isn’t that every mothers wish for summer break??





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