April 24,2013

April 24, 2013 is the last time I blogged and that was just a catch up blog. Every year I tell myself I am going to be a better blogger, I will blog each week. And every year I don’t *blogger fail*

I wish I was good with words, I am not. I wish I was “quippy” (you know snappy come backs and jokes off the top of my head) but I am not that either. What I am is shy, introverted (I work on that on a regular basis, after all being a business owner if I don’t put myself out there I won’t have a business) quiet and a thinker. If I am photographing you and I am not talking much its not because I don’t feel the session is going well its because I go in this photo mode and my mind is constantly thinking about lighting, angles, poses, that one blade of grass that needs to be moved…. you get the idea.  I sink into what I am doing and I choose to believe it is a good thing it just shows that this is my passion and my heart and I put all of that into each session.

On to a personal note… My baby (okay not literally baby but she is my youngest so she will always be my baby) turned 7 recently. I spur of the moment decided I needed to take photos, it had been cloudy and dreary and warm all day then the sun came out briefly so I grabbed her put her in a cute outfit, grabbed my awesome new to me chair and headed to a field. While taking these photos I came to the harsh realization that she isn’t a baby any more. She is growing into the most awesome girl ever. She loves church and gymnastics (recently moved to the competitive team) she is a little book worm just like her momma, she is giving, caring, cute and sassy, she has the most hilarious personality (I bet she grows up to be “quippy”). She is more than I had hoped my daughter would be and she is only 7.


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